Hive Education Marketing


ofsted requirements

In the ever changing world of education, we can help make sure your website has all necessary information required by OFSTED. From essential information such as admission arrangements, pupil premiums and performance tables to desirable information such as downloadable permission slips and galleries of pupils’ work, we can help you to create a complete and easy to navigate website.

responsive website design

Sites which are fully compatible for mobile often have responsive layouts which means the design adjusts to fit any screen shape and size, so one site fits all across desktop, mobile and tablets.

Unless your site is responsive, you would need multiple versions of the site to fit every device because there are lots of screen sizes and orientations.

updating service

If you don’t have the time resources to keep your website updated yourself, we also offer a ‘housekeeping’ service. Hive will update your site to an agreed timescale with any news, documents and images you require.

analytics, seo & accessibility

Site Statistics: Google Analytics will be added to your site as standard so that you can access useful statistics about the use of your site, such as number of visitors etc.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): To help your site rankings on search engines such as Google, Hive complete the following SEO:

  • Assign relevant titles and description to each page for Go Live
  • Allow relevant titles and meta tags to be assigned to each page in the CMS


  • Code validation and standards compliance.
  • W3C Standards: – for accessibility for those with disabilities
  • cross-browser and technology compatibility, including Apple, Microsoft and Android platforms, and browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge.

content management system (cms)

Because Hive create websites that can be managed via a CMS, you will see these benefits:

  • The site being under your control
  • You are able to update the text and images on the site yourself
  • You can keep the site up to date with the latest news and information
  • You are able to access the CMS for the site from any location with an internet connection and a supported browser.
  • The CMS is username and password protected.
  • You have the flexibility to update the site content and even add pages, without the need for further external design and coding expense.

staff training for the cms

The CMS system is quick and simple to use. We supply a training session (no more than an hour is necessary) and an instruction guide as standard.


Hive will fully populate your website with all content, prior to Go Live meaning the initial set-up of your site is all taken care of.


To help with school budgets, we offer stage payments on our websites as standard.

Stage 1: planning, initial design and design development.

Stage 2: finalisation of all pages and preparation of files.

Stage 3: build, testing, launch and CMS training.

  • Hive charge no licensing or monthly fees, and there are no hidden costs.
  • All costs are based upon the required site map and functionality of the site, which is flexible depending on your individual preferences and requirements.
  • Based upon initial discussions, a single, fixed price will be presented for your approval.