school website design

A bespoke website tailored to your school

Are you looking to update your school website? Searching the web for a suitable provider? There are a dizzying array of options out there. But buyer beware!

Many promise ‘beautiful bespoke website design’ with ‘simple to update’ features. Once you get past the glossy layout of their own website and you visit their designed school websites, the beauty can be somewhat skin deep! The majority of these sites offer thinly disguised templated sites. They lack personality. Once the user leaves the home page it can be difficult to tell one site from the next.

There are pros and cons to each one of course.

Other companies offer ‘off the shelf’ CMS but these are usually overly complicated. These can be confusing for your school administrator to navigate through. There may be an ongoing fee or contract that you need to keep up with in order to keep your website. This may make the initial fee seem reasonable. But, after three years of paying, that ‘bargain’ may not be so appealing. The initial timescale may seem temptingly quick and easy, once the initial website design is set up for you your school may need to add the majority of content to the site themselves. Things like this can be time consuming which may also hold back the eventual launch of your site. This may even cause the site being put live with very little content – defeating the object of your shiny new site.

At Hive we try to keep things simple.

Hive design and build bespoke websites tailored to your school. We’re continually working on our bespoke Content Management System. Behind the scenes we are making it an effective yet simple tool to use. You will need no videos to watch to remind you how to use it. There’s no need for a days training or an endless manual to read through.

Our CMS is intuitive and within an hour you will know all you need to update your site with a handy guide to keep.

We populate the whole website either from your current website’s content or from files supplied to us. Hive charge a one off fee for the creation of your site, this will differ from site to site, depending on the size and features you require, there is only one additional fee, a small hosting fee payable yearly. We don’t charge for telephone support. If you need some advice on uploading an image or where best to put a new piece of information, we’re always happy to help.

So, if you’re thinking about a new website for your school, please take a look at what’s included in a Hive site and browse some examples of what we’ve produced for other schools before making your decision, we’d love to hear from you.

To speak with a member of our team call us on 0161 204 7250¬†or email us at [email protected]