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Bespoke Illustrations in Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are a fantastic visual learning aid for pupils, research has found that the majority of the general population are visual learners, so what could be better than a custom wall graphic design for your school, offering a huge scope of possibilities. We always ensure that each wall graphics project we complete features a one-of-a-kind design. There are a variety of ways to personalise wall graphic designs. One of the most effective ways is to incorporate bespoke illustrations. In this blog post we’ve featured a number of stunning bespoke illustrations that we have created for wall graphics projects.

Manchester, Salford & Beyond

As a Manchester-based company, we’re delighted to work with local schools in the area. Often we are asked to incorporate illustrations of landmarks, buildings and other points of interest in the Manchester and Salford Area.

Our bespoke illustrations don’t just stop at Manchester though! We are often required to create illustrations from around the UK, across the Globe and into outer space!

Bespoke Illustrations in History

At Hive we always love to include important and inspirational figures from throughout history. Timelines often feature these figures as well as key events and dates. Bespoke illustrations are perfect for capturing a moment in history.

Bringing Stories to Life

Reading-themed wall graphics are an extremely popular choice among schools. Furthermore illustrations are the perfect way to bring stories to life in wall graphics designs. Using a single illustrative style across a variety of stories and fairytales creates synergy across the design. At Clarendon Road Primary School in Eccles, we used an impactful illustration style to create a stunning overall design.

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