Curriculum Wall Graphics

Curriculum Wall Graphics

Curriculum wall graphics create an immersive learning environment to inspire pupils.

Featuring curriculum key topics is a fantastic way to highlight specific areas of study. Furthermore, curriculum wall graphics are the perfect solution for creating a stunning display. Not only do wall graphics create a visually engaging learning environment, but studies also show that approximately 65% of the population are visual learners. Therefore the use of wall graphics within a school can have an incredible impact on learning.

Curriculum Wall Graphics Design

Using an entire wall to highlight specific areas of study leaves a lasting impression. Moreover, the possibilities for the feature of choice are endless. Whether it’s historical periods of time, scientific discoveries, musicians or geographic features, using wall graphics to transform a space within your school is an unrivalled way to enhance your learning environment.

Get Inspired

We’ve chosen to highlight a stunning design which features a key period from history. This design takes viewers on a journey through time within the Tudor period. The timeline not only includes key historic figures of the time such as monarchs. It also highlights key events such as the reformation, architecture, and facts about life during 16th century Britain.

Additionally, the wall artwork is packed with key dates and information. These create a lasting impression on pupils and aid in learning about the topic.

The scope for the possibilities of wall art designs is astounding. Using curriculum key topics as themes for designs enriches the learning environment with relevant information.

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