uk school wall graphics in moorfield

Looking for a feature wall in your school?

The latest trend for sprucing up blank school space is using vinyl to create wall graphics and most importantly feature walls! Wall graphics are in popular demand. Schools we have designed wall art for previously have taken different approaches to style to suit their school, their ethos and their values.

We have found that every school is different – the options of style and theme is endless!

Some schools choose a particular school subject theme for their feature wall, or an inviting welcome wall, or a reading themed wall to encourage pupils to read. Other alternatives include a wall to display the school’s ethos and values/mission statement or even a historic timeline …the list goes on!

Wall graphics create a more fun and exciting learning environment for pupils. To be effective they don’t always have to run through a large space covering all 4 walls of a room, or cover an entire hallway. A feature wall is also a great way of introducing graphics into your school. One wall design can transform a room completely!

Trying to decide what to feature in your wall graphics can be difficult, but we have plenty of ideas for you.

Here are 3 of our recent feature walls from Wesley Methodist Primary School, Clarendon Primary School and Moorfield Community Primary School.

Wesley Methodist Primary School

Wesley Methodist Wall Graphics Feature Wall

Wesley Methodist utilised their feature wall graphics by using the school’s Mission Statement to encourage their pupils to ‘Shine Like Stars’. Each star in the graphic includes a way to shine ‘as children of God’.

Displaying your chosen key messages and theme with wall graphics that reflect your school will motivate and inspire your pupils. This will serve as a constant reminder to pupils every day as they walk past the wall graphics whether it be one wall or several.

Clarendon Primary School

Clarendon Road Wall Graphics Feature Wall

The school wanted a feature wall to display their ‘Eat Maths’ system in Clarendon Road. The feature wall includes a breakfast theme playing on the idea of taking in LOTS of Maths knowledge… by eating it! The design playfully transforms Maths words into food, onto food packaging and even transferred onto burnt toast.

Moorfield Community Primary School

Moorfield Wall Graphics Feature Wall

Moorfield wanted 2 feature walls to display in their school. One to bring their logo to life along with their school motto ‘Believe, Achieve, Succeed’ and another wall displaying their Values & Ethos. We also designed some badges for the pupils of the school to match with the Values & Ethos badges from the wall graphics – making the feature wall part of their school system!

Our other wall graphics work can be seen here. If you would like to find out more about wall graphics or signage, both exterior and interior please contact us.