school wall graphics

Wall graphics – not just a pretty face

If you’re looking for instant results and a complete transformation, nothing quite beats bespoke, inspiring wall graphics for making a positive impact on your school. But if you think the beauty of wall graphics is just skin deep, here’s just a few reasons why it isn’t.

Great wall graphics can:
  • reinforce key messages in a fun, positive and friendly way and instil a sense of pride and ownership in pupils for their school
  • be used as a teaching tool – learning break out areas can be formed with a backdrop of a colourful and informative history timeline, reading corners can become welcoming and exciting places to learn
  • be inspirational to both pupils and teachers
  • enhance and brighten, inform and intrigue and fire young imaginations
  • completely transform dull and dingy spaces, both inside and out
  • help to hide and disguise worn surfaces, be hard wearing and long lasting
Here at Hive we’ve helped numerous schools enhance their space with beautiful and inspiring wall graphics.

First we take a brief and find out the type of thing the school is looking for. Is it school values or a focus on faith? A reinforcement of the joy of reading? Or a colourful and cohesive look for walls that are cold and uninviting?

Walls and areas are measured and assessed for the best substrate to use.

We then spend time creating design options for the school to discuss. Along with a quote, broken down into separate areas so that the school can pick and choose. Once the school decides on the areas to go ahead with, we complete and refine the designs from feedback given. Measurements are checked and artwork completed.

Installation of the graphics can take place during school hours if the area is low traffic. Alternatively we can install once the school day finishes. The most popular choice is during school holidays – this option does result in a definite ‘wow’ factor when the children come back to their transformed school!

The graphics are printed on either vinyl or Foamex. This depends on the quality of the wall surface. An extra layer of laminate can be applied to protect the surface for years to come. For an example of the huge difference carefully designed and lovingly installed wall graphics can make, take a look at our ‘before and after’ images at the top of this blog post.

We take great pride in our work. We hope that really shines through in the whole process as well as the end result. It is really nice to hear feedback from schools. The comment below from one Chair of Governors on seeing their schools transformation:

‘I LOVE IT. The kids will love it too, there are so many subliminal messages in there that they will see every day without even realising. The difference it will make to the way the school looks and feels will have a huge impact on the way the staff feel and act too.’
And a spontaneous outburst from one of our TAs: “WOW!!”

But the biggest thrill is hearing about the pupil’s reactions. Such at one school where they were so excited and engrossed in looking at the graphics that the teachers decided to have an impromptu lesson outside in the hallway! That was a definite ‘our work here is done’ moment!

If you’d like to take a look at some examples of wall graphics we’ve completed please go to our work page and for a brief overview go to our Wall Graphics & Signage page.

To speak with a member of our team call us on 0161 204 7250 or email us at [email protected]