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A New CMS Experience – hiveCMS v2.0

Hive today announces the launch of its all-new content management system – hiveCMS v2.0. Hive’s bespoke new CMS includes a freshly updated user interface with new and improved features throughout. Making editing your school website even more effortless.

Keeping your school website updated with statutory information is an Ofsted requirement. So we wanted to make updating your website as efficient and as easy as possible. Ofsted can call at any time, making sure your content is up to date and contains the required statutory information. Using hiveCMS v2.0 to effortlessly update your website will give you the reassurance that your website is always inspection ready.

Hive launched its current CMS platform back in 2012, and although it has had numerous upgrades during this time, hiveCMS v2.0 is the first major overhaul. The focus of this major upgrade was to re-evaluate every aspect of hiveCMS. With an aim to streamline every minute detail throughout.

So what is a CMS?

A CMS (short for content management system) is a piece of software that allows you to easily create and manage content on your website.

Normally, web pages are written in a programming language, such as PHP and HTML. If you were to build a website without a CMS, then anyone editing or adding content to the site would need to know these programming languages to make changes.

CMS platforms solve this problem by allowing you to easily edit a website without needing to know or write any code at all.

Why is a CMS important?

Hive know that the CMS for their websites is just as important as the front facing website (how the site looks to website visitors). After the initial excitement of launching a brand new site. The real work is involved in the ongoing management and updating of the website’s content through the CMS.

Our CMS has always given schools control of the content on their websites. Enabling staff to make updates themselves in real time, whenever they wish, without additional costs. In addition, because our CMS is designed to be easy and enjoyable to use, it has always been well loved by all our clients.

So for our current clients, don’t worry, the new hiveCMS is now just even better and quicker than before!

What’s New?

Built specifically for schools and education

Our bespoke CMS is a tailored content management system built specifically for the exact needs of the education sector. Built on our experience and knowledge gained from working within the eduction sector for over 15 years. With input from school website administrators who work with our CMS on a daily basis, to ensure that it is exemplar in every way, tailored to work specifically for your requirements.

A new CMS packed with features

Our new CMS is packed with features which are perfect for the school and education sector. From calendars to forms on the site, to our Governors portal to Vacancies Hub. We have added more drag and drop, more flexibility and more speed.

Ease of use

The focus for any school selecting a website platform, is that it is quick and easy to update. We know that your time is precious, so our aim is to save you time and get you back to your key job as quickly as possible. The key is saving staff time editing so they can get back to working on what’s most important. This was our key aim during the development of this latest upgrade. We have worked through each element of the CMS, step by step to streamline every click, to make it both easy and enjoyable to edit your site. Improving your efficiency.


Our easy-to-use CMS is so simple, training is often not needed!! However we always provide a training session to all staff who will be administrating a site when it launches. And we know that you will very quickly get to grips with the platform. We are always on hand should you have any questions and we offer unlimited support in using the CMS for the lifetime of the site. Our easy-to-use CMS is one of the key reasons that we can keep our annual fee so low. It is so intuitive, that we hardly ever get contacted with any queries. But rest assured that you’re never on your own. Our friendly support team are always happy to help you with the CMS should you need it.

Contact us now to find out how our new website CMS can work for you.