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Ofsted School Website Requirements

Take a look at our updated information about Ofsted School Website requirements here.

Is your school website ready for an Ofsted inspection?

In the ever changing world of education, we can help make sure your website has all statutory information required by OFSTED. Simply download our Ofsted school website requirements checklist. Make sure you have essential information such as pupil premiums and performance tables. But don’t forget to include desirable information such as translator tools, school news sections and galleries, as these can have a big impact.

The importance of your website to Ofsted

I am sure you will be aware that Ofsted inspectors may view your school website before they visit, so your website will provide that all important first impression of your school. They may also use your website during your inspection and use it as a contributing factor to your final result. By ensuring your school website content meets all their requirements, you’ll feel confident and prepared. So when you receive notice of your impending inspection you will know that their first impression of your school will be a good one.

Reviewing your school’s website

The first step to success is to review your current website against our checklist to make sure all the required content is included. Then check that your information is up-to-date with the current guidelines and make changes if necessary.

Next make sure this content is easy to find. It is really important to make sure your school’s website is well organised and easy to navigate so that all your information can be found easily. The content of each page also needs to be clear and well set-out. This will make life easier for the Ofsted inspectors, enabling them to find the information that they need. Review the other features and pages on your website to decide what you think is working well on your site and what areas could be improved.

Tips to improve your school’s website

  • Make sure your policies are as easy to find as possible. It makes sense to have a central policies page so that they are all in the one place, with a quick link from your home page. Then you can ensure that they will be easy to find.
  • Review your website menu. Make sure that the most important pages on your website are on the top level of your navigation/menu.
  • Make sure you have areas on your website to celebrate what makes your school individual. As well as the required information, you will have things you want to share, exciting events or successes at your school. Ofsted will be interested to see this too. It gives them an idea straight away about the values and ethos of your school. This could be a full news section or a simple notice board on the home page.
  • Make sure your website is easy to update. It is really important that updating your website is quick and easy, so that it does not take up more time for your staff than is absolutely necessary.

We offer an audit of your website. This would provide you with a summary of improvements and a list of any missing statutory information. Just contact us to request your review.

Ofsted School Website Requirements Checklists

Ofsted have enforced statutory school website requirements since September 2015. They have differing requirements depending on whether you are a Maintained School or an Academy/Free School. This is outlined in our checklists, which you can download below. To make it easier for you, we have also separated the requirements depending on what phase of education your school offers.

One of the latest updates to the information for secondary schools is to publish additional results. You now need to include your Progress 8 and Attainment 8 scores. In addition, further information about Careers now needs to be included on your website.

For all schools, Governors information has become a key focus. You are now required to add a huge range of details onto your school website. Preferably this should be on the page itself rather than just a download. We have a range of ways to make sure this is clear and easy to digest, take a look at this example of best practice.

For full details on the Ofsted school website requirements, download one of our Ofsted Website Checklists:

Primary School Website Checklist

Secondary/High School Website Checklist

Primary Academy Website Checklist

Secondary Academy & Colleges Website Checklist

Would you like further support?

If you would like assistance on preparing your website for Ofsted inspection or for further information please contact us. To speak with a member of our team call us on 0161 204 7250 or email at [email protected]