Professional school photography

Professional Photography for Schools

A picture paints a thousand words.

So the idiom goes. Which is a good way to look at the importance of getting good quality photography taken to showcase your school. Think about it as trying to sum up just how good your school is by showing it off in a picture.

In this day of smart phones and easy to use point and shoot cameras. Nearly everybody has some kind of access or ability to take photos. I’ve always believed that it’s not always about having the latest ‘state of the art’ camera out there that has ‘so many mega pixels’ etc. To get a brilliant photo; its about being at the right place, at the right time. It’s so important for schools to be able to do this. All throughout the year, when an event will be taking place. Its just not always possible to get a professional photographer to attend.

When should I get a professional photographer in?

How I look at promoting schools through photography is to identify where in the grand scheme of it all does it pay to get a professional photoshoot done.

When looking at showing the school off at its best the first port of call would usually be either an eye catching prospectus. Prospectus’ may be the quickest and most direct introduction to parents would be a website. They show the school in its best light. A professional shoot done in these instances would be worthwhile. High quality photos, along with a quality designed website and a prospectus will show off the school at its best.

It has to be said that most students get a bit of a thrill when they think they are going to be in print or on a website. We always aim to try and include as many students as we can when on a shoot. Ultimately, there will only be a selection of images that get used. But, we like to give back to the schools the images we take from our shoots. We only use images that are approved by the schools for any work produced.

Are you looking to update, refresh, tidy or even start a new look for your school? We’d encourage you to look at photography as being a key part of that transition.

If you would like to discuss improvements to your school photography across your school then please speak with a member of our team by calling us on
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