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School Library Wall Art

So why school library wall art?

A school library is the perfect place for wall art. Books are the key to unlocking the imagination and providing inspiration for your pupils. What better way to inspire than creating a magical immersive space with inspirational school library wall art, that will inspire a love of reading. Where pupils can sit and read and get absorbed into a world within a book. Creating the foundations for a lifelong appreciation of literature.

A bespoke design

Every school is unique, so at Hive all the wall art designs we create are bespoke.

We include original illustrations created by our design team, who have a level of attention to detail that we believe no one else provides.

Arlies Primary School Wall Graphics Reading Area

We feel it is really important that the design works both from a distance and close-up. This way, with every visit to the library your students will spot something they haven’t seen before. So from the giant elephant to the tiny ladybird on a leaf, it’s all important.

Our mantra is detail, detail detail.

How to make it inspirational

Content is key, so sometimes it can be daunting looking at a blank wall and trying to work out what you should include.

But whether you want someone to create design options for you, or someone with the skills to bring your own ideas to life, then we can work with you to create a finished design that you will be proud of.

We are always happy to suggest different options for the content to create inspirational library wall art. Many schools choose to include:

  • Inspirational quotes or memorable quotes from classic books
  • Illustrations of characters or scenes from popular books in the curriculum
  • Or a magical landscape or scene from the imagination
Kentmere Academy Reading Den Wall Graphics
Reading Den

You might even choose something more individual such as a creating a ‘reading cafe’ or even a cosy living room style area complete with arm chairs and cushions.

It’s so important to us that the design is perfect for you and your school, that we also guarantee unlimited revisions to your chosen design. This way we can ensure you are perfectly happy with every aspect.

Consider the whole space

We know not all schools have the luxury of dedicating a whole room to a library. But whatever your space, full library, corridor, nook or even stairwell, it is worth considering the whole space. Hive will be able to help you choose the best area in a space to use for inspirational wall art. We can also create a visual of the space so you can see the designs in situ before they are printed.

Kentmere Academy Primary School Wall Graphics Reading Room Library
Reading Room

You could also consider painting surrounding walls, doors and radiators in colours to tie-in with the wall art.

Perhaps also add matching furniture to complement your theme.

Choosing a design partner

When looking for the right partner to create your wall art, choose a partner with a proven track record in the Education sector. Hive have over 15 years experience working in the education sector.

Ask to see previous examples of work and testimonials from other schools. Hive have a wealth of examples to inspire, take a look at a sample of our projects in our work section of our site.

A good design partner will help you choose the best approach for your school. Create options for you to look at if required. Or work specifically to your brief depending on your needs. As well as getting your input and approval during the design process to ensure everything is as it should be.

Ensure your chosen design partner will provide unlimited amends to your wall art. This can make a big difference in cost.

Quality of installation is key to the finish of a project. Our installation team have a keen eye for detail to ensure every aspect is the best it can be.