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School wall graphics – a labour of love

After another successful installation of school wall graphics, this time at New Islington, it’s nice to take stock.
Q. How well do the bespoke illustrations work in the space?

A. VERY well! – creating our own illustrations for a huge timeline really gives the school wall graphics design a cohesive look. We love creating designs that work as hard as possible in the space they’re going. We work through options at the beginning of a project so that the school has their own input and ideas woven into the finished project.

Q. Does the design have educational relevance as well as brightening the area?

A. Yes! Using notable people, events and eras from the school curriculum and beyond brings interest and education in equal measure. The nature side of the design uses some little known facts about animals to stimulate discussion. This helps with learning. Did you know that there are over 600 species of spider in the UK? Teamed with inspirational and motivational quotes and messages, the graphics are fun, intriguing, bright and interesting.

Q. Would we have chosen to install during one of the longest and hottest British heatwaves for about 40 years?

A. Um no, not exactly but hey, we’re ready for anything! We always deliver on what we promise so it didn’t matter that the installation coincided with the mercury hitting record highs, the job was done on time and looks amazing. We even spruced up some of the paint on the other walls to make everything look spick and span!

Q. Is it worth it?

A. Most definitely. When you take into consideration the cost of maintenance; painting and re painting school walls, the cost in time for staff to create and maintain displays to decorate the same blank walls, then wall vinyls are certainly worth the investment. We go to great lengths to make sure the design, artwork, print and installation processes are all completed to the very highest standards. The finished graphics are not only durable but are a real enhancement to the school for years to come.

We have designed and installed for schools for many years and many of those schools come back to us for further work once they see what a positive impact those graphics have had. We’ve witnessed the positive difference great wall graphics can make to schools first hand and they’re always a pleasure to work on. Enriching the school environment can only be a positive thing, letting pupils know that the school is a welcoming place for all, and that both the school and themselves are valued and well cared for.

Whether you want to convey the school values, create a more inspirational learning environment or make the building a more welcoming space, expertly designed and lovingly installed wall graphics can be priceless!

Q. What’s next?

A. Another large vinyl and Foamex wall graphics project is under way. But even if it’s just one wall you’re thinking of, with the right graphics a school can send out powerful messages to pupils, parents and teachers alike.

Take a look at the images from the recent wall graphics installed, both before and after images show just what a transformation school wall graphics can make.

If you would like to find out more about school interior wall graphics or outdoor signage, please speak with a member of our team by calling us on 0161 204 7250¬†or email us at [email protected].

school wall graphics

school wall graphics