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How to set up a school Twitter account

Setting up a Twitter account for your school can be a simple and easy way to connect with parents, pupils and staff.

Keep everyone up to date with all your news and events. It can also be used when you need to communicate a message quickly. Or, to provide updates over a period of time; such as if you need to close the school due to snow or other unforeseen circumstances.

Set up your Twitter account by following our guide below.

Here’s some handy tips to help you get tweeting:
  1.  Go to and find the Sign up button. Alternatively go directly to
  2. Complete the form fields with the name of your school. An email address (we recommend using a main administration or office email address) and choose a memorable password. Click the Sign up button to create your account.
  3. The next stage of the process will request that you add a phone number. This helps keep your account secure. If you choose to provide a phone number be aware that this number will be used for account verification. You may receive codes to this number if someone requests a password reset. If you do not want to provide a phone number at this time you can click Skip.
  4. Choose your username. Try to find a variation of your school name which is reasonably short. Make sure it’s easy to remember and easy to tell others about.
  5. Check your details are correct and click Create my account.
  6. Your account is now live! You can now access your account settings to add a profile picture (we recommend using your school logo) and write a short biography with a few details about the school. This will help your school community to identify your account correctly if there are others with a similar name.
  7. You can also add your school website address so that people can easily get more information about your school or contact you.
  8. Once you are happy with your settings you can search for some people to follow. We recommend following other schools in your local area especially those you have a connection with already.
  9. Start to tweet! You can write about school events as they occur and add images or videos.
  10. Check your notifications. Here you will find details of tweets about you (that contain your username) and likes and retweets your tweets have received. If you have a private account you will also be notified of people who have requested permission to follow you and see your tweets.

For more details on using Twitter please take a look at the Twitter Getting Started guide.