Wall vinyls 8 key themes

Wall Vinyls – 8 Key Themes

Wall vinyls are one of the simplest yet most effective ways to improve your school’s learning environment.

Research has found that the majority of the general population are visual learners, meaning they need to see information in order to retain it. Therefore supporting visual learning in schools is paramount. As a result, it’s no wonder that wall vinyls are gaining popularity as the walls of your school hold unlimited potential! With so many possibilities for wall vinyl designs, we’ve listed the 8 most popular types below for inspiration.

History Timelines

History timelines are the perfect way to create an engaging and interactive history display. Not only does the timeline provide chronology and context. It also creates a stunning and impactful area to motivate and inspire pupils.

Wall vinyl St Peters History Timeline Visual

Geography & World Maps

Maps are a fantastic way to visualise the world around us. We’ve worked on a variety of map walls for schools. These include world maps, maps of the uk and local area maps. These wall vinyls create context for the school’s location. Featuring exciting and interesting content such as landmarks, wildlife, biomes, continents and habitats!

Wall vinyls geography and world maps at St Peters

Science & Our Solar System

Science and solar system designs make some of the impactful wall vinyls. Featuring elements from our solar system really creates depth and immersion for pupils. Furthermore the vast world of science is abundant with different topics and information to display. Whether it’s chemistry, biology or physics!

Wall vinyls science solar system theme

PE & Sports Wall Vinyls

Motivating pupils to be more active is vital for their wellbeing. As well as physical health, research also shows exercise helps improve mental health. Wall vinyls are great ways to display motivational messages, inspiring quotes and sports values.

Wall vinyls - PE and sports arlies school hall

English & Reading

English is fundamental to pupils’ educational success. As a result reading areas and literacy themed wall graphics are increasing in popularity. Our recent project for Kentmere Academy is a dedicated reading room. The design features books and characters throughout the forest landscape!

Wall vinyls - kentmere academy reading room

Healthy Eating & Wellbeing Wall Vinyls

Eating well has been proven to positively affect your mood. As a result, this is a message we were passionate about conveying in our latest healthy eating wall graphics at Harrow Gate Primary Academy.

Wall vinyls for Healthy Eating & Wellbeing for Harrow Gate Primary Academy

Welcome Areas Wall Vinyls

Creating an inviting and engaging welcome area for your school is crucial. We’ve completed a variety of projects for school welcome areas. Designs range from a simple yet impactful welcome message, to fully illustrated school values. In addition welcome areas can be fantastic for promoting inclusion in your school. Whether it’s different greetings from around the world, or diverse illustrations.

Wall vinyls for Ravensfield Primary School welcome area entrance

Careers & Aspirations

Inspiring pupils minds in school is key to their development. Using wall graphics to feature the endless career possibilities is an amazing way to motivate them. Furthermore, giving examples of the opportunities that lie ahead encourages their aspirations for the future.

Wall vinyls for careers and aspirations


In conclusion, within this blog we’ve only just begun to list how the magic of wall vinyls can transform your school. The 8 wall graphics themes listed above provide inspiration for your own wall transformations. Creating an engaging and inspiring learning environment can be achieved effortlessly without breaking the bank! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more!

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