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World Book Day – Celebrating 25 Years!

Thursday 3rd March 2022 marks an amazing 25 years of World Book Day! To celebrate, we are highlighting some of our favourite and most inspired book-themed wall graphics.

The message behind World Book Day

World Book Day is a fantastic initiative which changes children and young people’s lives through a love of books and shared reading. Creating awareness about the value of reading and promoting reading for pleasure lies at the heart of the initiative. Reading for pleasure is more of an indicator for a child’s future success than their family circumstances, their parents’ education or income. It is also proven that children who read for pleasure are happier, healthier, and achieve higher at school. Therefore the promotion of reading for pleasure gives children and young people access to the best start in life.

Bouncing back from the Coronavirus pandemic with BOOKS

During the Coronavirus pandemic, access to a stable education was affected due to lockdowns in the UK and across the world. This placed pressure on teachers and pupils to catch up on valuable lost learning time. Furthermore, Ofsted has indicated that as a result of the pandemic, reading and phonics are areas in which pupils need extra support.

Implementing Innovative Learning Resources

More recently, schools are using exciting and innovative ways to boost learning in school. With wall graphics being an excellent learning resource solution. The installation of wall graphics themed around the school curriculum is a fantastic way to engage minds and encourage learning. Therefore it comes as no surprise that reading and books are a very popular choice of theme for school wall art.

The Impact of World Book Day 2022

After a difficult two years, World Book Day is an amazing way to bring a focus back to the love of reading for young people. Reminding us of the importance of books for inspiring dreams, fuelling the imagination, and bringing comfort to those in need. After all, Ernest Hemingway did say, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

What Books Mean to Us

At Hive it’s always a pleasure to work on creating book themed wall graphics. The vast and diverse array of books throughout history are an exceptional source of inspiration.

We’re extremely proud to play a role in the transformation and creation of safe reading spaces for children and young people to enjoy in school. Not only for them to enjoy for academic progress but also to inspire a love for reading.

Our Top Picks for World Book Day

Take a look below at some of our favourite examples of book themes, quotes, characters, and more!

World Book Day Kentmere Academy Reading Room Visual
Kentmere Academy Reading Room
Southcoates Primary School
Clarendon Road Community Primary School
Arlies Primary School