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Your School Website: Now more important than ever

After schools were closed indefinitely across the UK in March 2020. We were all left facing uncertain times during the worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Due to this, your school website is now more important than ever.

With millions of pupils and staff returning to school in the coming weeks, and the ‘new normal’ setting in. It’s now more important than ever that information about schools is easily accessible. Furthermore communication between schools and parents must be as efficient as possible. This has greatly impacted the importance of the school website.

What’s school going to be like?

With many pupils feeling anxious about the return to school, the school website can act as an information hub for pupils and parents. Containing details about changes around the school, social distancing guidelines, and general school life.

Using the school website as an information hub can be a great way for pupils and parents to access information. Including a variety of topics such as the recovery curriculum, risk assessments, travel information, and government guidance.

Showing photos and videos of the school with any new measures in place is also a great way to demonstrate what school is going to be like and ease any anxious feelings for pupils. An example of this can be seen on Summerville Primary School’s website. Where they have displayed information, links and downloads on their COVID-19 Updates page.

Keeping Up To Date

Due to the ever-changing circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s vital that pupils and parents are kept well-informed about any changes at school. The school website is a great way to act as a communication hub. Keeping parents up to date about their children’s safety and welfare, and any changes to school life.

Maintaining good communication with parents about changing circumstances will demonstrate that the safety and welfare of their children is top priority. The school website offers a variety of ways to do this. Such as alert banners, twitter feeds, bulletin boards, and news articles as seen on Hazel Wood High School’s website.

What about open and taster days?

Due to the current coronavirus situation, open and taster days aren’t an option for schools. This means the website is now the only window into the school. Therefore it’s vital that the website is not only easy to navigate and function, but aesthetically it needs to represent the school in the best way possible.

Virtual tours, digital guides, and information packs about the curriculum, extra curricular activities, and school culture are all ways to demonstrate what the school has to offer through the school website. The Grosvenor Road Primary School website has pages such as New to Nursery and New to Reception which show great examples of these.

You can view more information about our school websites here. To speak with a member of our team call us on 0161 204 7250 or email at [email protected]

For more information and government guidance about the return to school in September 2020 click here.