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Bespoke School Wall Vinyls

Bradley Green Primary Academy

Bradley Green Primary Academy in Hyde approached Hive for some bespoke school wall vinyls. The school requested an ‘earthy’ design. The aim was to use the theme to liven up their school hall as well as the outside of their Year 1 classroom.

The design includes the school ethos and mission statement. Motivational quotes and key words were also used. Children will see these in school every day helping them to remember and remind them of what their school is all about.

Keeping Bradley Green’s tree within the school logo in mind, trees and other woodland life were incorporated into the graphics. This resulted in bringing all the elements together with a ‘nature’ theme with a soft, natural colour palette.

The benefits of bespoke school wall vinyls being added to the previously blank walls are huge. The graphics engage with pupils and staff alike, making the school environment a more interesting and exciting place to be. There is plenty to look at and find within the designs, with even some small elements that the pupils may not see on the first look! This enhanced environment helps to reinforce the sense of pride that the children and staff feel for their school.

What did the school have to say?

“I LOVE IT. The kids will love it too and there are so many subliminal messages in there that they will see every day without even realising. The difference it will make to the way the school looks and feels will have a huge impact on the way the staff feel and act too. And a spontaneous outburst from one of our TAs: WOW!!”

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