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Bespoke Wall Graphics

Middlethorpe Primary Academy

We’ve installed beautiful bespoke wall graphics at Middlethorpe Primary Academy in Cleethorpes. 

Middlethorpe Primary Academy prides itself on creating a warm and friendly environment where everyone feels part of a large family. Their ethos – Together, we learn to shine. – encapsulates this. We were delighted to receive a request for new wall graphics to contribute to a school environment where everything revolves around learning

Creating an engaging and informative environment

The team at Middlethorpe wanted to create an engaging and informative environment for their students, teachers, and visitors. They were particularly interested in using the school hall to create an impactful learning environment. As a result, we used the different walls within the area to focus on various aspects of the school curriculum. These areas included a history timeline, a school values wall, maps, and a reading wall. 


We designed the wall graphics to be both informative and visually striking. A prominent feature of the design is the use of maps. Furthermore, bespoke maps are a great way to inspire a sense of community and highlight different places of interest in the local area, UK and worldwide. As a result, we created a regional map featuring the school’s location and surrounding areas, a UK map highlighting significant cities and landmarks, and a world map highlighting different continents and cultures.

Ethos & Values Wall & History Timeline

We also designed a wall featuring the school’s ethos and values. We used bold colours, striking iconography and keywords to create a lasting impression. We created a history timeline to showcase critical events and milestones from the school’s history curriculum. Additionally, we illustrated each event with a relevant image to make it as engaging as possible for the students.

Reading Area

In addition to maps, the team at Middlethorpe also wanted to include a wall with graphics based on storybook characters to encourage a love of reading among the children. Hive designed the reading wall to be playful and inviting. Choosing various popular characters from classic children’s books and creating colourful illustrations of each one.

The result

Overall the wall graphics have been a massive success at the school, creating a more engaging and informative environment for students, teachers, and visitors.

Furthermore, the Middlethorpe team are thrilled with the project results and have received positive feedback from students, teachers, and visitors. The wall graphics have helped to create a sense of community and pride in the school and have become a stunning feature of the learning environment. At Hive, we are proud to have played a role in this project and look forward to working with the school on future projects.

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Image showing bespoke wall graphics at Middlethorpe Primary School