An image showing an impactful history timeline running floor to ceiling on a wall at Crossgates Primary School.

Educational Wall Graphics

Crossgates Primary School

Crossgates Primary School in Rochdale aimed to create an engaging and immersive learning environment for its students. To achieve this, they partnered with Hive. We are a leading graphic design agency known for our innovative approach to educational wall graphics.

Hive collaborated with Crossgates Primary School to enhance their interior spaces through educational wall graphics. The project centred around the design and installation of a history timeline and a map wall, aimed at making history and geography education more engaging and accessible for young learners.

An image showing an impactful history timeline running floor to ceiling on a wall at Crossgates Primary School.

Educational Wall Graphics Design Objectives

Hive’s design objectives included:

  1. Educational Engagement: Craft a visually captivating history timeline and map wall that sparks curiosity and interest among students.
  2. Curriculum Integration: Align the timeline and map wall with the school’s curriculum to reinforce historical and geographical concepts taught in class.
  3. Interactive Learning: Design graphics that encourage students to interact with the timeline and maps, fostering hands-on learning.

Project Execution

  1. Research and Conceptualisation: Hive’s design team conducted thorough research to curate a timeline of key historical events. The team brainstormed creative ways to visualise these events, ensuring they resonated with young students. The map wall researched the local area and collaborated with the school to create a local map, a UK map and a world map.
  2. Design and Illustration: Hive brought historical events to life using vibrant colours and photographic visuals on the timeline. The team used a child-friendly approach, making complex historical concepts accessible to primary school students. The map uses bespoke illustrations, from local landmarks to world wonders.
  3. Installation: The installation process involved meticulous measurements and placement to ensure the graphics fitted the designated area within the school. Hive’s installation team worked diligently to create a polished and clean display.

Results and Impact

The collaboration between Hive and Crossgates Primary School resulted in transformative outcomes:

  1. Engaging Learning Environment: The history timeline and geography wall graphics captured students’ attention, creating a dynamic and interactive educational space.
  2. Enhanced Learning: The visually appealing graphics made historical events and geographical information more relatable, fostering a deeper understanding of the information.
  3. Curriculum Integration: The timeline and maps seamlessly integrated with the school’s curriculum, reinforcing classroom learning through visual representation.
  4. Student Interaction: The interactive nature of the graphics encouraged students to explore and ask questions, promoting active participation in lessons.


The collaboration between Hive and Crossgates Primary School exemplifies the power of educational wall graphics in transforming learning environments. By bringing history and geography to life through creative and interactive design, Hive successfully enhanced the educational experience for students, creating engaging journeys of discovery.

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