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Grammar School Wall Graphics

The Grammar School at Leeds

The Grammar School at Leeds (GSAL) is renowned for its dedication to providing an exceptional educational environment. In pursuit of enhancing the visual and educational aspects of their premises, GSAL partnered with Hive.  Our extensive experience in creating immersive and educational wall art was perfect for this project focusing on grammar school wall graphics.

The collaborative effort between GSAL and Hive aimed to reimagine three areas within the school. These included two separate staircase areas and a school hall. The objective was to design and install captivating wall graphics. Not only to enhance the school’s visual appeal but also to enrich the educational journey of the students.

Design Objectives

  1. Staircase 1: Mapping the World, Europe, UK, and the Local Area: The aim was to construct an intriguing and informative voyage for students ascending the staircase. The graphics were intended to spark curiosity about geography while fostering a global perspective.
  2. Staircase 2: Journey Through History: This staircase intended to transport students through time, presenting significant historical events and milestones. The design needed to encapsulate the essence of diverse eras while maintaining a visually cohesive design.
  3. Hall: Celestial Exploration: The design for this space sought to ignite students’ interest in astronomy and space exploration. The goal was to create an awe-inspiring portrayal of the cosmos that would fuel curiosity and imagination.

Grammar School Wall Graphics Project Execution

  1. Staircase 1: Mapping the World, Europe, UK, and the Local Area: Hive crafted expansive maps for each region, focusing on precision and detail. Hive design used a natural colour palette that was visually appealing and educational. The installation process involved meticulous measurements and precise placement to seamlessly integrate the graphics with the staircase’s architectural features.
  2. Staircase 2: Journey Through History: Hive conducted extensive research to curate a timeline of pivotal historical events relevant to the school’s curriculum. The design harmoniously incorporated visuals and key dates, constructing an engaging visual narrative that interconnected different historical epochs.
  3. Hall: Celestial Exploration: The design team at Hive collaborated with the school to to craft a captivating representation of space. The graphics encompassed celestial bodies, planets, and spacecraft, all rendered with meticulous attention to detail. Vibrant colours and dynamic compositions were employed to evoke a sense of wonder within the hall.

Results and Impact

The synergy between GSAL and Hive led to a remarkable transformation of the school’s interiors, surpassing expectations:

Elevated Learning Experience: The informative and visually captivating graphics piqued students’ curiosity, cultivating a deeper comprehension of geography, history, and space exploration.

Inspiration and Engagement: The dynamic and immersive graphics sparked dialogues among students and educators, fostering an environment conducive to learning beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Enhanced Aesthetics: The wall graphics elevated the school’s common areas, rendering them more inviting and visually appealing.

Branding and Identity: The custom-designed graphics reinforced GSAL’s identity and commitment to providing a holistic and enriching educational journey.


The collaboration between The Grammar School at Leeds and Hive successfully transformed ordinary spaces into vibrant educational zones. Through meticulously curated wall graphics, the project achieved the dual objective of augmenting the school’s visual allure and enriching the students’ educational journey.

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Grammar School Wall GraphicsGrammar School Wall Graphics