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Healthy Eating and Sports Wall Graphics

Crossgates Primary School

In the world of graphic design, the power to engage, educate, and inspire through visuals is paramount. At Hive, we have continued to build on a fruitful partnership with Crossgates Primary School with our latest project. We have worked with Crossgates on a series of projects aimed at transforming the school environment into an inspirational and instructive space. Building upon on this, Hive embarked on a fresh challenge – the creation and installation of healthy eating and sports wall graphics in the school’s hall.

Crossgates Primary School’s partnership with Hive arises from the school’s commitment to providing a fulfilling and visually captivating environment for pupils, parents and staff. It is always a pleasure to work with a school which is dedicated to the benefits of visual learning. So we couldn’t wait to get started on the new project!

Project Overview

The brief included the creation and installation of wall graphics for a substantial wall within Crossgates Primary School’s hall. The objective was to create visually stimulating, educational and motivational designs. These were split into two themes; “Promoting Healthy Eating” and “Encouraging Sports and Physical Activity.”

Healthy Eating and Sports Wall Graphics Design Concept

Promoting Healthy Eating:

The design for the healthy eating theme incorporated a vivid rainbow of fruits and vegetables, emphasising the importance of a balanced diet.

The five key food groups featured prominently, acting as a visual reminder for students.

An engaging food alphabet introduced an educational aspect, making the wall both informative and impactful.

Healthy Eating and Sports Wall Graphics

Encouraging Sports and Physical Activity:

The sports-orientated side showcased silhouettes of various sporting activities. This highlighted the diversity of physical activity available to pupils.

Inspirational quotes from professional British athletes encouraged students to stay active and pursue their passions.

Aligning with previous projects, the design integrated the school’s key colours and fonts, therefore creating a unified visual identity across the school.

Healthy Eating and Sports Wall Graphics


The large wall presented a substantial canvas, meaning careful planning was needed for the design to ensure a balanced overall appearance. In additon, the healthy eating part of the wall was split into panels. Therefore the design needed to flow across these panels to create the intended impact as a whole. Finally, we need to ensure that the educational content was visually appealing and age-appropriate for the pupils.


The finished wall graphics have completely transformed Crossgates Primary School’s hall into an inspirational and educational space. The vibrant and engaging designs have breathed new life into the hall while displaying crucial messages concerning well-being and physical activity.

Healthy Eating and Sports Wall Graphics Conclusion

Hive’s partnership with Crossgates Primary School has continued to grow with huge success. Our ability to transform educational concepts into stunning visuals has significantly contributed to the school’s environment. We’re extremely proud of this project based on healthy eating and sports wall graphics. We look forward to continuing this partnership and bringing new life to more areas in the school.

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Healthy Eating and Sports Wall Graphics Healthy Eating and Sports Wall Graphics