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History Timeline Wall Graphics

St Peter's C of E Primary School

St Peter’s C of E Primary School in Ashton contacted Hive for a complete transformation of their school surroundings. One area within the exciting brief included the overhaul of a school corridor. The school had their heart set on a history timeline for this.

History Timelines

A history timeline is an hugely effective way to transform any school wall and bring the past to life. Furthermore seeing history plotted out on a timeline can really help young children visualise the periods of time. In other words, pupils can see how dates come together chronologically. Turning school walls into a valuable educational tool is a simple way to enhance any learning environment. As always, Hive couldn’t wait to start on this project!

Our Approach to the Brief

The initial brief from the school asked for a custom history timeline. St Peter’s wished to include local historic events and other specific content from their curriculum. The school provided a list of topics of focus. Our starting point was to collate appropriate information surrounding these topics. This was then combined this with relevant imagery, to create an engaging display. Each design incorporated core events and key people from the national curriculum. In addition, we took advantage of the large wall space to include more detailed facts wherever possible within this design. The aim of this was to maximise the opportunities for learning from the graphics. Therefore making the wall display as educational and informative as possible. The next step was to present a number of design style-setters for the school to choose from.

Bespoke Designs

All our wall art is bespoke, so we can incorporate any events you wish. This timeline was customised to include key topics from local history. For instance, we added the date when St Peter’s church was built. By ensuring each design we create is bespoke, you can ensure it is unique to your school. St Peter’s timeline also featured tones of the colour blue, to fit with the school’s branding. We presented a number of different styles for the history timeline to the school. From these designs St Peter’s selected a photographic approach to really bring history to life. Once a design route was selected, the full timeline was completed and finalised for the school’s approval. The timeline was to run the full length of one side of the corridor. As a result this would create a visually stunning effect!


After designing and printing the vinyls, the installation was planned for the most convenient date for the school. The installation took place over the course of a full day. The graphics were printed on high quality high tac vinyl and then laminated. The laminate protects the vinyl and helps extend its lifespan. In addition, it also means it can be easily wiped clean. As a result, the school were extremely pleased with the finished product!

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