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Indoor School Wall Graphics

Clarendon Road Primary School

Clarendon Road in Eccles sought to elevate their school’s atmosphere through the addition of indoor wall graphics. Their primary goal was to bring their reading corner to life, and what transpired was nothing short of magical.

Our team embarked on a creative journey to fulfill this vision. We meticulously illustrated a stunning collection of 200 books. Each artfully arranged into colorful bookshelves adorned with bespoke and imaginative images. The outcome was a captivating reading corner. It not only beckoned students to explore its literary treasures but also transformed it into an enchanting place for learning and reading enjoyment. The fusion of art and education in this corner invigorates young minds. Sparking their curiosity and fostering a lifelong love for reading.

Beyond the reading corner, Clarendon Road School decided to infuse more creativity and education into their surroundings. Multilingual entrance graphics were thoughtfully installed. This provided a warm and inclusive welcome to students hailing from diverse linguistic backgrounds. These graphics serve as a testament to the school’s commitment to fostering unity and understanding among its diverse student body.

Break out area
The indoor school wall graphics are so engaging that the school use the area as a ‘break out classroom’ and the children have lessons surrounded by inspiring images.

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