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Multi Academy Trust Rebrand

Kings Academy Trust

Kings Academy Trust have worked with Hive for their marketing requirements for many years. So after an in depth review, the Trust decided that a rebrand was required to better reflect their values. They approached Hive to take on the challenge. The Trust wanted Hive to rebrand the Trust and all the schools within it, to create a new set of logos which would better reflect their values and nurturing and caring environment. These values were derived from qualities shown by an inspiring headteacher. When the Trust was originally formed, it was this headteacher, Mr King, that inspired not only the name of the Trust but it’s foundations of supporting the most vulnerable children in society.

Multi Academy Trust Rebrand

Multiple design options were presented to the Trust for feedback. These were shown as a suite of logos so that the full impact of the new identity could be seen as a whole, the Trust logo sitting alongside each of the proposed new school logos. The design process involved collaboration from not only the Trust, but with each school involved. The selected design route focused on the nurturing aspect of the design brief with each logo design incorporating a stylised tree graphic.

Firstly, the multi academy trust rebrand incorporated a stylised tree with prominent roots, symbolising the strong foundations that the Trust provides. In addition, colourful leaves and spreading branches were incorporated to symbolise the development and growth of the Trust’s schools. A simple crown shape is also hidden within the roots of the tree. The Trust’s logo was the only one in the family of logos to feature roots in its tree. This helped to set the Trust logo apart from the logos of each school, providing that all important differentiation.

Five school logo designs each featuring trees for Kings Academy Trust part of a multi academy trust rebrand

School branding

Secondly, the design for each school logo continued with the nurturing theme, with each school logo also featuring a tree. This theme was especially fitting considering the names of the schools involved. These included Oakwood and Acer and with a looser connection to the theme; Arbour and Moss Valley as well. Each school logo was designed to provide a distinct individual identity for each school while maintaining the appropriate amount of consistency throughout the Trust as a whole. This was achieved using a combination of the tree form and shape, but also colours.

Hive crafted a unique tree illustration for each school, inspired by the school names. For example, Arbour Academy had arching branches reaching over the logo text, creating a protective arbour. Acer Academy’s tree of course, had Acer leaves incorporated. In addition, the logo was given a calming colour which was perfect for the setting. Now each school logo has it’s own personality and colourways.

Consistency was achieved as each school logo also incorporated an arch device at the bottom. This device symbolizes the solid foundation of being part of Kings Academy Trust. Furthermore, it was very flexible and easily adapted for the different length of wording needed for each school. This allowed for a balanced design which will continue to work for other schools, as the Trust grows.

The New Branding In Use

The new branding has now been rolled-out trust-wide. This included interior and exterior signage, as well as across each website, school prospectus and stationery. As part of the design, a secondary device was developed for use across all marketing and branding. This consisted of a two part coloured block that is used as a highlight. This is adapted into each individual schools colours to strengthen their identity, to give each school a strong feeling of individuality.

Furthermore, brand guidelines were created for Kings Academy Trust to ensure the use of the logo is consistent and strengthens the branding.

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Image of the new Kings Academy Trust logo, website designs and brand guidelines for hte multi academy trust rebrand