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Multi-Academy Trust School Websites

Christ Church MAT & Schools

Christ Church Multi-Academy Trust (CCMAT) contacted Hive requiring a complete rebrand for their entire trust including the three schools within their trust. Part of the overhaul included the design and build of a new suite of websites. This included the main trust website as well as the three schools within CCMAT. The three schools within CCMAT are:

•   Christ Church CE Primary School

•   St John’s CE Primary School

•   Radcliffe Hall CE/Methodist Primary School

Synergy Across Multi-Academy Trust School Websites

Although the trust wanted all the school websites to have synergy they also wanted to ensure each retained their individual identities. Therefore Hive approached the website designs with an inclusive family direction to create this desired synergy. Certain bespoke design elements are carried throughout each website. An instance of this is the header area where the impactful leaf design and layout remains consistent across each site.

Retaining Identity

The school identities are central to each individual new website. One way in which this is achieved is by using the school’s key colours to emphasise the differentiation of each. In addition, another way is the use of their new logos which Hive designed as part of the rebrand project. The logo for each school is unique, but includes the CCMAT ‘halo’ above each to bring it into the same family of logos. In fact, the logos appear three times on each website page. First in the header, second as a key design element within the page background, and finally in the footer. As a result, the recurrence of the logos further strengthens the school’s identities and individuality.

Effortless administration

All of the sites within this project feature our hiveCMS 2.0 content management system. Consequently it is easier for website administrators to update their websites, due to the streamlined design as well as drag and drop functionality that reduces administration time greatly. Therefore creating and updating website content is extremely quick and above all easy!

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