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Multi Academy Trust Wall Graphics

Enquire Learning Trust

Wall graphics are an impactful way to create inspirational working environments within the education sector. Multi academy trust wall graphics transform existing spaces into areas which strengthen brand identity while uniting schools within the Trust. Our latest project at The Enquire Learning Trust did just that.

The Enquire Learning Trust is a Multi Academy Trust working across the North of England. Hive had already successfully collaborated with several schools from within the Enquire Trust family on various projects. These included a number of stunning wall graphics installations. Building on this partnership, Hive were contacted by the Enquire Learning Trust about using wall graphics to transform their head office space.

the Multi academy trust wall graphics brief

The Trust were looking for a design to transform the conference room in their head office. The brief required a clean, corporate design that brought together and represented all 30 schools within their trust. Furthermore, the schools are based across a number of different regions in the North of England, including Manchester, Hull, and Middlesbrough. Creating a design which brought together these regions was a challenge that Hive met and exceeded during the design stage.

the design stage

The design options presented to the Trust were focused on achieving unity across the Trust while strengthening their brand identity. In addition, an idea carried through the design was to feature prominent landmarks from across the regions to represent specific areas surrounding the schools. This was achieved in their chosen route with a circular photographic device. Therefore the design also aligned with the clean aesthetic noted in the brief.

transforming a space with multi academy trust wall graphics

The designated area within the head office was a large meeting room. Within this space, the wall graphics were able to span an entire wall, which transformed the entire room into an impactful environment. Additionally, the design features the Trust branding, colours and circular design devices which all contribute to strengthening the brand identity. In conclusion, the Trust were extremely pleased with the outcome of the project, and we were delighted with their positive feedback.

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Visual showing completed multi academy trust wall graphics installation at the Enquire Learning Trust.