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Wharton Primary School

Wharton Primary School, based in Little Hulton, embarked on an exciting endeavour to breathe new life into their reading corner. The school’s enthusiasm for this project was met with equal delight on our part! As we eagerly took part in the creation of a fresh and captivating reading area. The vision was clear. To establish a space where pupils could relish the pleasures of reading in an enjoyable and educational setting.

The project began with a burst of creativity as we explored various design concepts. Ultimately, the chosen design featured the enchanting theme of a ‘fantasy book garden.’ Within this design, inspirational quotes about the joys and virtues of reading found their place. Adorning the walls and inspiring young minds. The primary objective behind this design was to kindle a passion for reading among the children. Fostering an environment that truly immersed and excited them. Making the act of reading not just a pastime but a cherished adventure.

What added the finishing touch to the Reading Corner were the vibrant colours in the printed wall graphics. These colours, with their vivacity and charm, made the reading nook an inviting and captivating space. The school’s signature Wharton red furniture complemented the design. Enhancing the overall aesthetic and comfort of the area.

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wharrton primary school reading room printed wall graphic