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St Patrick's RC High School

St. Patrick’s RC High School in Eccles approached us for professional school and teaching school photography. Given that we had previously developed two websites for them, one for the high school and another for the teaching school, it was a natural progression to provide them with visually compelling photography to enhance their online presence.

To ensure we captured the essence of both the high school and teaching school, we meticulously planned and executed multiple shooting days, allowing us to focus on each specific area. This approach ensured we amassed a rich collection of images, tailor-made for both websites. It was essential for us to convey the distinct character and offerings of each institution accurately.

Individual Photo Sessions

As part of the project, we also conducted individual photo sessions with the headteacher and executive principal. Subsequently, we carefully compiled, shortlisted, and retouched the images to achieve the desired level of quality and professionalism. Before integrating these images into the websites, we presented contact sheets to the school for their approval, ensuring that the final selections aligned with their vision.

Moreover, we didn’t limit the utility of these images to the websites alone. We supplied the school with a disc containing copies of the images, granting them the flexibility to utilise them for various marketing materials, including school prospectuses and wall canvases.

Our photography services offer flexibility in terms of timing. We accommodate both full-day and half-day shoots, tailored to the volume of images required and your specific needs.

Photography commission includes:
Site recce
Full day or half day shoot
DBS checked photographer
Art Director
Image collation
Image and contact sheet supply

For more details about our photography services and how we can enhance your institution’s visual identity, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to bring your vision to life through compelling and professional photography.

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Professional School Photography