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Holy Cross University Centre

Hive recently unveiled a captivating promotional video for Holy Cross University Centre in Bury. We designed it to showcase the essence of their institution and the remarkable impact it has on its students. We crafted this engaging promotional video in collaboration with a video we created for their Sixth Form college. This collaboration resulted in a five-day-long combined shoot that skillfully conveys the university’s core messages.

We had the primary objective of the video in mind, which was to effectively communicate what Holy Cross University Centre has to offer to prospective students. We aimed to highlight key attributes such as affordability, flexibility, and the outstanding results that students achieve. To convey these messages powerfully, we incorporated handheld message boards into the shoot. These boards prominently displayed these key messages, ensuring that they not only heard but also saw them.

Furthermore, the promotional video featured interviews with a diverse group of students. This opportunity allowed them to share their positive experiences and insights about the university. This personal touch underscores the welcoming ethos of Holy Cross University Centre, emphasizing its inclusivity for students of all ages.

Overall, the university’s leadership met the outcome of this collaborative effort with immense satisfaction.

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holy cross university promotional video

Promotional Video