Reading Area

Transformational Design

Hive are often approached to help schools transform the reading areas in their schools with one of our engaging and original designs. Hive aim to create reading areas that will inspire and encourage students to develop a love for reading. Also transforming school’s reading spaces into magical and inviting environments. Every design we create aims to engage and captivate and Hive are always keen to step up to the design challenge.

Reading Area Design Goals

Reading areas should:

Spark creativity and imagination among students.
Integrate references to familiar book characters and scenes.
Establish a unique identity for the reading area that aligns with the school’s curriculum.
Transform a school space into a hub of learning and exploration.


The challenges include:

Balancing a visually appealing design with educational content.
Ensuring the graphics resonate with a diverse age group of students.
Incorporating the school’s themes into the design.
Installing the wall graphics safely and efficiently within the school’s schedule.

One of our favourite themes to work with for reading is a fantasy world – complete with fictional book characters. What better way to inspire than creating a magical immersive space with inspirational wall art, aimed at inspiring a love of reading. This theme can be incredibly successful in achieving the aims of a reading area. Hive’s team always collaborates closely with each school to create individual, bespoke designs. Furthermore we develop concepts and designs that merge aesthetics and education seamlessly. Here are three successful reading area design based on this theme:

Southcoates Primary Academy Reading Staircase

Southcoates Primary Academy wanted to promote reading in the school over an entire staircase. Their chosen design was focused around a fantasy sky scene. This worked really well as children ascended the three flighted staircase into the clouds. In addition the design featured stacks of books and children reading in amongst characters from well-known books and positive reading messages.

Southcoates reading area

Arlies Primary School Reading Nook

Arlies Primary School wanted to turn an unused are into an inspirational reading nook. The fantasy design for this area included a starry night sky across the ceiling. As a result, this was incredibly impactful and enhanced the immersive feel of the space. Overall, the finished result was a beautiful space where pupils could sit and read and get absorbed into a world within a book. Creating the foundations for a lifelong appreciation of literature.

Kentmere reading room


Sandbrook Community Primary School Reading Area

At Sandbrook Community Primary School the chosen design was centred around a “Fantasy Forest”. Hive designed it to transport students into a world of wonder and imagination while incorporating elements that support reading and learning. The main feature was an expansive forest landscape that covered the walls. In addition, the design included whimsical trees, colourful creatures, and hidden pathways, inviting students to embark on reading adventures. Overall, the end result was the creation of an environment that fosters a love for reading, imagination, and learning, aligning seamlessly with the school’s mission.


Hive’s installation team bring each design to life, ensuring every detail is perfectly aligned and graphics are safe for student interaction. Each transformation was met with excitement from both students and staff, creating a renewed enthusiasm for reading and learning in each school.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about having reading themes wall graphics at your school, please get in touch to arrange a school visit. You can show us the areas you are looking at adding wall graphics and we can discuss ideas and show you examples.

Visual showing a visual of a reading area design.