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school outdoor and indoor banners

We create bespoke school banner design and artwork for schools and colleges in Manchester, Salford, Bolton and surrounding areas. Banners can be used for things such as letting people know your new ‘outstanding’ Ofsted rating, or maybe to advertise your school’s application deadline. Outdoor PVC banners are a great way to make sure your message is seen. Big banners are equally as important as small banners! Banners can be created to virtually any size you need. Banners can be also easily attached to school railings for impact, staying at excellent quality throughout all weather conditions.

Indoor pull up banners are a fantastic way to brighten up your school’s reception area. Indoor banners can be helpful to let pupils know about a new reading area or the menu in the school dining hall. They are also easily transportable for conferences and meetings.

If you would like to find out more about any banner design and production please contact us.

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