School Entrance Area

School Entrance Area

Cherry Tree Hill Primary School

Cherry Tree Hill Primary School approached Hive to create bespoke graphics. They wanted to bring their vision to life for the school entrance area. The school had been wanting to enhance their entrance area for a while and had the idea of a huge cherry tree. This was to enhance the school environment and also be a central point to reinforce the school values; Be Safe, Be Caring, Be a Learner. The cherry tree emphasise the school aim of growing and developing the minds of the future. Moreover, the words; Be Safe, Be Caring, Be a Learner featured within the graphics underlined by busy bees.

School Entrance Area

A nature theme school entrance area design

Besides this, we featured visual representations of each of the schools classes, which are all nature themed. Examples include dormouse, badger and even dolphin! Working these into the naturalistic style of the graphics took some imagination, but at Hive we are full of ideas! Our solution was to represent the more exotic animal class names on the cover of books, scattered around the cherry tree. Additionally, we incorporated the lifecycle of the butterfly into the design. Something that may not be noticed at first, but it encourages pupils to look closely and discuss all the elements they can find.

Logo feature & local landmarks

The school also wanted to feature their logo. In order for this not to look out of place, we incorporated this by creating a wooden plaque which was attached to the tree trunk. This fitted perfectly with the natural, illustrative theme of the graphics.

The cherry tree spread from its central wall around the corner and down a second wall in the adjoining corridor. This created a ‘wrap around’ feel to the whole design. With the free flowing blossoms encouraging the pupils to follow the spreading branches all the way to the main tree trunk.

Additionally, the school requested illustrations of local landmarks to feature in the scene. In addition to this, we used sign posts with accurate distances to give a sense place to the pupils in school.


We meticulously planned and executed the whole design, incorporating amends and refinements requested from the school along the way. Hive completed the installation over two days during the school’s half term. The school were delighted with the finished result and the wall graphics bring a touch of spring to the school all year round.

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School Entrance Area