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School Exterior Wall Graphics

Wesley Methodist Primary School

Wesley Methodist Primary School, located in Radcliffe, recently embarked on an exciting journey. To revamp their school entrance with vibrant school exterior wall graphics. The goal was to breathe new life into their surroundings. In addition, they wanted to include a meaningful message derived from the school’s Mission Statement. Encouraging their pupils to ‘Shine Like Stars.’

This creative endeavour wasn’t just about aesthetics. It was about instilling values and making them memorable. The wall graphics feature a constellation of stars. Each representing a unique way for students to ‘shine as children of God.’ These colourful graphics served as a visual reminder of the school’s mission and values. Creating an engaging and unforgettable atmosphere for students. Moreover, they had the added benefit of enhancing the school’s entrance. Making it even more appealing to visitors and the wider community.

The impact of the school exterior wall graphics extended beyond the entrance itself. The same design was thoughtfully applied to the school’s prospectus, creating a seamless visual identity that tied together the school’s values, mission, and image. The stars and the signature school blue color palette became emblematic of Wesley Methodist Primary School, symbolising their commitment to fostering growth and illuminating young minds.

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