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School Library Transformation

Elliston Primary Academy


Elliston Primary Academy, in Cleethorpes, are proud to have finally found a place in school which they could dedicate to creating a school library for their pupils to enjoy. With new bookcases and seating ordered, they wanted to find a way to create an immersive and inspiring learning environment for their pupils. The aim was to create somewhere special, which would help inspire a love for reading and engage the imagination.

School Library Challenge

The challenge was to transform a plain room into a vibrant and engaging space that would ignite the imagination of young minds. Elliston Primary Academy wanted to create an environment where students could lose themselves in the world of books. Both classic and contemporary. In addition, they wanted the design to keep to the top section of the walls, leaving the lower areas for bookcases and displays.

School Library Transformation


Hive took on the task of designing and installing a set of stunning wall graphics to meet these aims. We wanted a design that would completely overhaul the library’s appearance. The chosen theme was a cloudy dreamscape that would transport students into the enchanting world of books. This theme would fit perfectly with the school’s desire to use the top section of the wall.

School Library Design Concept

The concept for the wall graphics brought together a mix of characters from classic and contemporary children’s books. This not only celebrated timeless stories, it would also introduce students to new and diverse literary adventures. Highlights of the design include:

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes: A bespoke illustration of The Iron Man is an impactful element of the design. This striking depiction captures the attention of the pupils as they enter the library.

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell: The three endearing owl siblings from this beloved children’s book lie on a section of the wall, nestled in a tree. The design captures the essence of family and togetherness that the story conveys.

My Papi Has a Motorcycle by Isabel Quintero: Characters from this contemporary work were incorporated to introduce pupils to more recent literary gems. It showcases the school’s commitment to celebrating both old and new stories.

Cloudy Dreamscape: The background design featured a dusky night sky. With floating clouds and whimsical stars. This theme provides a dreamy and otherworldly atmosphere. Promoting a sense of wonder and exploration.

Ceiling Tile Graphics: One of the unique and immersive features of this project was the addition of graphics on the ceiling tiles. This created an environment where students feel like they are surrounded by the characters and scenes from the books. The clouds from the dreamscape extended to the ceiling, further enhancing the overall atmosphere.


The installation of the vinyl wall graphics and ceiling tiles, transformed Elliston Primary Academy’s library into a captivating space that both pupils and teachers love. The immersive environment created by Hive’s design team has had a profound impact on the educational experience.

The installation of the cloudy dreamscape wall graphics has successfully transformed the space. Elliston now has an immersive, enchanting and educational reading environment. It has not only encouraged pupils to explore the world of literature. But has also brought the community closer together in celebrating the magic of reading. Hive is proud to have been a part of this project. We look forward to continuing our commitment to creating inspiring and engaging designs for educational institutions.

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Elliston Library Wall Graphics School Library Transformation