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Christ Church CE Primary School

Christ Church Primary School,a Church of England school in Eccles, holds its Christian values dear and sought a distinctive means to showcase them prominently. At Hive Education, our mission was to present these values in a manner that would truly stand out. The solution? An innovative approach utilising wall signage graphics adorning the school’s entrance area.

School Signage Design

Central to this design is a striking glass plaque emblem, meticulously crafted to capture attention. Infused with the school’s signature hues of purple and green, the circular design exudes professionalism while incorporating key words emblematic of Christ Church’s Christian ethos. Words like ‘Grow,’ ‘Faith,’ ‘Love,’ and ‘Forgive’ are seamlessly integrated, ensuring a vibrant visual representation of the school’s core values. This colourful display serves not only to captivate the eyes of both students and visitors but also to imprint these values into the minds of the children, serving as a daily reminder as they enter the school grounds.


Since the installation of these captivating school signage graphics, their impact has extended beyond the entrance area. They now grace printed materials such as the termly newsletter distributed to parents, further amplifying their reach and effectiveness in fostering a sense of community and shared values.

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School Signage