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School Values Wall Art

An impactful way to promote your school ethos

Wall graphics are an excellent learning resource in schools. With limitless design options and topics to choose from, it’s no surprise that they have become extremely popular in recent years. Creating school values wall art is a fantastic subject to create an engaging environment. Furthermore it will promote your values and ethos to pupils, staff, parents and Ofsted.

School Values Wall Art: Your values as the heart of the design

At Hive we are privileged to have worked with a number of different schools on school values wall art. In addition each school has received a bespoke design and installation service. With their own school values lying at the heart of their wall art designs. Moreover, each project demonstrates the impact of transforming the school environment with outstanding wall art.

Below are a number of case studies followed by visuals. These give an insight into some of the ways that we can transform your school with school values wall art!

Case Study 1: Arlies Primary School

Arlies Primary School in Stalybridge is an excellent example of how wall art can be used to completely transform the entire school. The focus is on the school’s 7  ‘habits’ as well as its 6 school values. Overall these habits and values promote their school ethos through analogies and imagery. These are:


1.  Be proactive, 2.  Begin with the End in Mind, 3.  Put First Things First, 4.  Think Win Win, 5.  Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood, 6.  Synergise, 7.  Sharpen the Saw


Aspiration, Respect, Leadership, Inspiration, Excellence and Self Belief

The habits and values are featured across a number of zones around the school. The wall art ensures the key messages of each habit and value are spread throughout the school site. The main corridor features a more in-depth analysis of each of the 7 habits. Whereas the school hall focuses on each of the 6 school values. Overall the design concept combined with the schools ethos and values creates an extremely impactful display.

Case Study 2: Wardley CE Primary School

At Wardley CE Primary School in Salford, we completely transformed their entrance area with wall graphics. As a Church of England primary school the design features the school’s core Christian values. In addition, the school follows, what they call ‘The Wardley Way’ which encompasses 5 key school values; respect, courage, friendship, trust, and perseverance. Incorporating these values into the wall art design promotes the values in a visually impactful way. Furthermore the entrance area is now inviting and welcoming to all visiting the school.

Case Study 3: Ravensfield Primary School

Ravensfield Primary School, based in Tameside, also chose to completely revamp their entrance area with wall graphics. The eye catching design proudly features their school values and meanings:

Love – We respect and care about each other, ourselves and learning.

Honesty – We tell the truth. We are reflective; honest with others and ourselves.

Forgiveness – We forgive ourselves and others for mistakes. We trust that our mistakes will not be held against us.

Respect – We respect other people, ourselves and property.

Hope – We aspire to our best. We have ambition for the future. We never give up on our dreams.

Overall the final effect of the wall graphics is outstanding. The entrance area is now wonderfully welcoming and also most importantly it highlights the school ethos and values.

Case Study 4: Lark Hill Community Primary School

Finally, our last case study is a stunning example of schools values wall art at Lark Hill Community Primary School in Salford.

The six featured values on these impactful wall graphics are:

Together – We work as a team to support our children in being the best they can be. Learning the key skills of teamwork, cooperation, understanding and compassion, help our children to be prepared for any challenge they may face.

Honest – In our school it is essential we respect what is right. We ask our children to always tell the truth and expect our team to act with moral integrity. Honesty is one the key components to character and one of the most admired traits in a responsible person.

Resilient – We understand that all of us have challenges to overcome and this is essential if we are to learn and grow. Facing adversity, bouncing back from difficult times and then moving forward are key skills we want for our children and our team.

Independent – Learning to support ourselves, to learn without help and to be a confident person, are all attributes we passionately believe in.

Valued – Everyone’s contribution is important. We are a learning community, always growing and always learning. We listen to our children, families and staff team to make sure we can constantly improve our school.

Exceed Expectations – We want the best. The best outcomes for our children, the best learning opportunities for our families and the community and the best professional development for our team. Our school aims to exceed all expectations.

Pairing the values text with their corresponding values icons emphasises the importance of each value. In addition the nature-filled design creates a lively, fresh and inviting atmosphere for the entrance of this school.

Interested in how we can bring your school ethos to life with school values wall art?

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School Values Wall Art ExamplesSchool Values Wall Art Examples