Wall Graphics showing school values and good manners

School Values Wall Graphics

Grosvenor Road Primary School

Grosvenor Road Primary School partnered with Hive to create a visually captivating and impactful environment in the school. The new wall graphics would align with their core values and encourage positive behaviour among students. Hive’s mission was to design and install bespoke wall graphics in the school hall that reflected the school’s values and promoted healthy eating.

Wall Graphics showing school values and good manners

Our Goals for the School Values Wall Graphics

We aimed to create wall graphics that achieved the following:

Encourage Positive Behaviour: Create an inspiring atmosphere that reinforces the school’s values and motivates students to exhibit positive behaviour.
Visual Identity Enhancement: Develop wall graphics that integrate consistenty with the existing style of the school’s existing wall graphics.
Healthy Eating Advocacy: Promote healthy eating habits among students by showcasing the importance of nutrition and a balanced diet.


Challenges for the project included:

Balancing aesthetic appeal with conveying the school’s values effectively.
Ensuring the graphics maintain consistency with the existing wall graphics installations.
Encouraging healthy eating in a child-friendly way.

Design Approach

Hive collaborated with Grosvenor Road Primary School to understand their values, aspirations, and design preferences. The design approach was to craft four visually captivating panels that communicate the school’s ethos.

The school’s strap-line took centre stage across three of the panels, surrounded by bespoke illustrations that showcased students engaging in various school activities, encouraging them to excel in all areas.

Each panel depicted key words which aligned with the school’s ethos. Bespoke illustrations featured students demonstrating these values in action, creating a sense of unity and shared purpose.

The fourth panel was dedicated to promoting healthy eating habits. The design depicted a vibrant array of fruits and vegetables within a rainbow, accompanied by the strap-line ‘Can you eat a rainbow?’. The aim of this was to encourage students to make nutritious choices.


Hive’s installation team installed each panel, paying attention to alignment and overall finish. The transformation was met with enthusiasm from both students and staff, creating an environment that reinforced positive behaviour and values.


Hive successfully transformed Grosvenor Road Primary School’s school hall with bespoke wall graphics that celebrated the school’s values, encouraged positive behaviour, and advocated for healthy eating. The integration of design elements and bespoke illustration style added to the school’s visual identity while creating an environment that inspires students to strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives.

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Image showing School Values Wall Graphics at Grosvenor Road Primary School.