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Arlies Primary School

Arlies Primary School in Tameside originally commissioned Hive after spotting some of our wall graphics in another school. Arlies wanted to look at designs for various areas around their school. The areas ranged from the reception area to the library, a locker area to a large main hallway.

We talked through ideas at an initial meeting and the school expressed their wish to incorporate their ‘7 habits of happy kids’ ethos. They wanted to incorporate this into the main hallway area as a focal point. Arlies are one of only two schools in the UK to adopt this proven American approach, where the habits create a positive school culture. Furthermore they wanted to anglicise the imagery by also using British animals as each habits’ visual representation. The plan was then set to create a more clean and modern feel than the American version, while still keeping the key messages!

Hive then measured all the various areas and decided the best material for each of the areas. Following this we worked through some initial design options and then presented these options to the school for feedback. After some input from the teachers and pupils, we refined a shortlisted route.

The school selected a clean and bright option which incorporated line illustrations of animals. The design used the grey from their recently updated school logo offset with bright leaves and swirls. This theme ran throughout the reception, main hallway and locker areas which made a dramatic and colourful look to inspire pupils, teachers and visitors to the school too.

The wall graphics successfully communicate the school values as well as using inspirational and motivational quotes, encouraging a sense of pride and belonging in the school environment.

The Library Wall Graphics

We approached the library located in an alternative building differently. As this is a shared space with an after school club. The school wanted the graphics here to reinforce and remind the children the area was theirs during the day. They wanted this to be a fun and relaxing place to read. The design uses fun animal characters partnered with a large banner to remind the children that it’s ‘Arlies Library’!

Latest Additions

Following the success of the first project, Hive worked with Arlies Primary School again to create some additional wall graphics. The new areas include the school’s stairwell and some further corridors. The same big, bold, and bright, design scheme has been used to create a seamless look between the previous graphics and the new additions. The wall art features inspirational and motivational words with the distinctive ‘Arlies’ patterned pops of colour.

If you would like to find out more about school wall graphics or signage, both exterior and interior please contact us.

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Wall Graphics for Arlies Primary School by Hive
Wall Graphics for Arlies Primary School by Hive