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Elms Bank

Elms Bank, located at the heart of Manchester, serves as a dynamic and forward-thinking institution. Committed to delivering exceptional secondary special education and sixth form college opportunities. Recently, the school embarked on a mission to reflect its innovative spirit and dedication to excellence by creating a brand-new website. This undertaking aimed to redefine their online presence and illuminate their values and facilities.

In partnership with Elms Bank, our team explored various design routes to capture the essence of the school. These design options aimed to blend modernity with approachability. Resulting in designs that gave a sense of light, brightness, and warmth. We meticulously crafted each design concept to align with Elms Bank’s ethos and its commitment to nurturing a supportive learning environment. Subsequently, we engaged in discussions with the school, leading to the selection of a favourite design. The chosen design prominently featured expansive photographs of students and the school itself throughout the site. This effectively showcases Elms Bank’s exceptional facilities.

Furthermore, we revamped the school and college logo. Infusing it with a bright and refreshing color scheme that seamlessly runs throughout the website.

If you wish to explore the vibrant and informative Elms Bank website, please click here.

For those interested in discovering more about our school website design services, get in touch with us. We are passionate about assisting educational institutions in thriving within the digital landscape. Providing innovative solutions that align with their vision and values.

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