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School Website Redesign

Willow Tree Primary School

It has been our pleasure to work with Willow Tree Primary School in Salford for more than 10 years on a variety of projects. Therefore we were delighted to be contacted by Willow Tree about a school website redesign. Building on a highly rewarding and fruitful partnership with the school.

Exceeding the Brief

The initial brief called for a complete overhaul of Willow Tree’s website, with both a new design and additional functionality being required. The website needed to be accessible and easy to navigate with a clean and fresh design.

The school wanted parents and carers to find their website useful and informative and give an insight into what their fantastic school offers.

During this project, the school’s goals and expectations for their redesigned website were met and exceeded. This resulted in a stunning web presence shown here.

Bespoke features in a school website redesign

The new school website boasts a variety of bespoke features. Furthermore, these details elevate the school website to the next level creating a contemporary online space the school can be proud of. One example of this is in the school logo which has been animated to create dynamism and life. Another example is in the impactful large leaf design on the home page. This leaf element further incorporates the school logo which strengthens the school’s online presence and identity.

Effortless updates

Included in the school website redesign is the implementation of our all-new hiveCMS 2.0. As a result, keeping the website content up to date has never been easier. The streamlined design of our content management system cuts down on administration time. This means creating and updating website content is quick and easy.

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Willow Tree Primary School Website Visual