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Space-themed wall graphics

At Hive, we’re passionate about creating immersive and inspiring learning environments for young minds. A particularly impactful curriculum topic we have focused on recently is space. Our recent projects with two schools perfectly exemplify this.¬† We designed and installed captivating space-themed wall graphics that have transformed ordinary areas into cosmic realms of exploration and learning!

The two schools which feature the space-themed wall graphics are Seymour Road Academy in Manchester and The Grammar School at Leeds in Alwoodley.

wall graphics featuring key facts abotu the solar system


Our challenge was to craft visually stunning and educational wall graphics that not only captured the awe and wonder of space but also engaged and ignited the imagination of young students. These graphics needed to create an immersive atmosphere that complemented the schools’ attitudes to learning.

Our design approach for space-themed wall graphics

Our team collaborated closely with educators from both schools to create information and facts about space that aligns with their curriculums. We developed designs that seamlessly blended the beauty of the cosmos with school-level educational elements.

Seymour Road Academy

For Seymour Road Academy, our design focused on the solar system with a particular focus on using vector-based elements. Students now walk through a stunning depiction of the solar system, complete with vibrant planets, swirling galaxies, and distant stars. Interactive elements like fact files for each planet encourage curiosity and discovery.

The Grammar School at Leeds

Our approach for the GSAL design was focused on photography-based imagery. The left-hand part of the design features a diverse array of space pioneers, using photographs courtesy of NASA images. The central area of the design is bursting with information about gravitational forces, day & night, the atmosphere and more! The right-hand part of the wall features an extremely impactful solar system design with further information.

Educational Impact

The space-themed wall graphics have had a profound impact on both schools’ learning environments:

  • Increased Engagement: Students are captivated by the graphics, making learning an exciting journey.
  • Imaginative Play: The graphics serve as catalysts for imaginative play and storytelling.
  • Cosmic Curriculum: Teachers incorporate space-related topics more seamlessly into their lessons.
  • Curiosity Cultivation: Interactive elements encourage students to explore and inquire about space.

Space-themed wall graphics conclusion

The space-themed wall graphics designed and installed by Hive have turned ordinary walls into windows to the cosmos, igniting learning and curiosity among young students. Through creative design, interactive elements, and a deep commitment to educational enhancement, we’ve brought the wonders of space right into the heart of these schools.

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