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Sports Hall Wall Graphics

Lively and colourful sport inspired themes

Your Sports Hall is probably one of the most well used spaces in your school, used for everything from PE lessons and school plays to assemblies and even parents evenings. Investing in sports hall wall graphics can be a fantastic way to revitalise any school hall. Which can immediately give a space more energy and excitement. In addition, with such large walls to play with, it’s an ideal space to incorporate stunning wall graphics and create that ‘wow’ factor.

We’ve completely transformed the sports halls of a number of schools with the implementation of bespoke wall graphics. Take a look at our latest projects below to find out more!

Peel Hall

Peel Hall Primary School in Manchester approached Hive to look at their sports hall. The aim was to use a bright and energetic sports theme to liven up their dark school hall. As well as create a more motivational environment for indoor PE lessons and after school activities. Three walls of the sports hall were covered in wall vinyl, from floor to ceiling. This resulted in a massive impact which has to be seen in real life to appreciate the scale.

The design includes motivational quotes and key words surrounded by sports illustrations. Including gymnastics, basketball, football, tennis and cricket. The sports illustrations are brought to life by the rich green and blue colour scheme in the surrounding design. Pupils will see these in school each time they visit the sports hall helping them to feel motivated and give their all.

New Islington

At New Islington Free School, the sports hall was in need of a refresh to brighten up the dull and uninspiring space. Three walls of the sports hall were covered in wall vinyl up to 2 metres high.

The chosen design uses a sophisticated grey and burgundy colour scheme. The curved line work in the design creates a feeling of movement and energy. A contemporary design was brought to life with sleek line art illustrations of sports, scattered amongst inspirational quotes. The quotes themselves are a fantastic way for children to repeatedly be encouraged and motivated in this completely overhauled learning space.

If you would like to find out more about sports hall wall graphics, please contact us.

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sports hall wall graphicssports hall wall graphicssports hall wall graphics