world map wall art

World Map Wall Art

Geography Themed Inspiration for your Walls

World Map Wall Art

Map wall art is a great way to revitalise and refresh any school space. To turn even the most dull spaces to fun learning environments. Moreover, wall graphics are completely customisable. Featuring school-specific and local information is easier than ever with completely bespoke design to fit any space!

Both local area and world map wall art is a popular choice for many schools. They provide an excellent way to feature a variety of Geography focused curriculum content. Our designs are packed full of detailed elements making them extremely eye-catching. So there is always more to discover. The customisable aspect of a map means the school can choose exactly what to include; whether it be capital cities, countries, landmarks, oceans, animals, habitats and loads more!

Below are 4 recent projects for inspiration:

Huge World Map Wall Art

Kentmere Academy in Rochdale contacted Hive regarding some new interior wall graphics for their school hall. The large area allowed the design to include 3 separate maps featuring a huge variety of educational information! Firstly, we created a bespoke local map of Rochdale. This included the school location, Rochdale canal and other local landmarks that the children would be familiar with. Secondly, a UK map, incorporating landmarks, flags and key geographical features. And finally, a world map which featured rivers, mountains, cities and famous landmarks. The scale of the design gives a huge ‘wow’ factor to the school hall. The design delivers a great amount of educational information whilst brightening up the entire hall space.

Geography Corridor

Wall art is a fantastic opportunity to visually communicate to pupils, staff and visitors. Grosvenor Road Primary in Salford needed a way to brighten up a dull corridor wall near the school entrance. Therefore they selected a design route with 3 maps. A local map, a UK map with imagery relating to British Values and finally, a world map. The bespoke design theme continues the consistent style used all around the school, created just for Grosvenor Road. The map wall art has transformed the once dull awkward corridor into a bright, colourful and most importantly, educational space. The world map design is bursting with educational facts that align with the school’s curriculum for pupils and staff to enjoy!

Revitalised Cloakroom with World Map Wall Art

For Bridgewater Primary School in Manchester a world map was created to allow pupils to explore their world. We focused on included names of each country and their capital cities. These were carefully worked into the available space to include as many as possible. The wall design also features flags, landmarks, animals and countries. Alongside a close-up UK map, provides the opportunity for pupils to explore their country in more detail. Similarly, this includes UK landmarks, countries, animals and capital cities.

Geography Themed Staircase

At Southcoates Primary School in Hull, three staircases have been completely transformed with wall graphics. The design of one of these of the staircases revolves around a geography theme. This included a local area map of Hull with important landmarks. Such as, the Humber Bridge, Hull city centre, The Deep, Pearson Park, the University of Hull and more!

The full staircase extends the Geography theme to include all areas of the curriculum. For example, climate and weather, under the sea, earthquakes and volcanoes, phases of the moon, mountains, animals and their habitats.

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world map wall artworld map wall art