Transforming Educational Environments image showing an installation of wall graphics in progress with a wall in a really bad condition

Transforming Educational Environments with Wall Vinyl

Making the school environment more engaging and interesting can become a termly, or even a monthly chore for hard pressed teachers. Instead, why not look at transforming educational environments with wall graphics.

Creating information on healthy eating or the latest history topic, can become difficult to keep up with and the end result is not always as impactful as teachers would like. The desired effect of inspiring the pupils can become lost in a sea of various sized noticeboards. Each crammed with information.

The challenge

Often schools struggle with display space. Some schools think noticeboards are the only option, when faced with rough, uneven walls or even a breeze block surface. Other walls can be covered with a mass of sockets, wiring and alarms, as the examples below. But, transforming educational environments could not be easier! With Hive’s imagination, these hard to transform areas, can be just that, transformed into bright, informative and inviting learning environment.

To demonstrate, we have put together some inspirational project examples below.

a school hall transformation

In this project, with a whole school hall to design, we were able to include a variety of subjects. Healthy eating messages, a colourful and exciting history timeline as well as school values were included to transform this space. The result adds interest and provides endless teaching opportunities. The graphics bring together a patchwork or different areas. This has transformed the ugly brick walls and disguised a multitude of wall surfaces, sockets and wiring.

Transforming Educational Environments

Of course, the resulting transformation comes at the end of a great deal of planning and preparation. Hive work as a team with the school to achieve the best outcome possible for each and every project.

A Problematic Space

This particular school wanted to block up two unused brown divider doors. Before, the area was simply a wasted space. However, they could see its potential and wanted the whole school to be able to enjoy it. Most importantly, the school wanted to use this space to link into their learning in the classroom. The chosen theme for the area was geography, with a series of maps to be featured. We also advised that the graphics on the central area would be enhanced by having a flat surface. So this could also be boarded at the same time, to create a level wall for all the graphics to maximise the impact. Once the boarding work was completed by the school, Hive set to work on the graphics.

The solution

Hive designed a regional map, UK map and map of the world. Each meticulously crafted area contained not only facts, colourful illustrations and capital cities but also rivers, volcanoes, biomes and much, much more. In addition the adjoining breeze block walls were revamped to complete the space. These featured school values as well as a history timeline. All the graphics were expertly installed creating a truly engaging learning space.

The difference is quite remarkable as the before and after images below testify.