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Custom History Timeline

The Heys Primary School

The Heys Primary School in Ashton-under-Lyne contacted Hive requiring a complete transformation of their school hall with a custom history timeline.

Why a Custom History Timeline?

A custom history timeline is an outstanding way to bring the past to life and transform any school area. Children can also visualise the periods of time more clearly by seeing history plotted on a timeline. Therefore, pupils can see how dates are related chronologically. Any learning environment can be enhanced by transforming school walls into valuable educational tools.

The Brief

The Heys Primary School requested a custom history timeline in the initial brief. The Heys asked for the inclusion of local historical events and specific curriculum content. In addition, the school provided a list of key dates and events. Our starting point was to gather appropriate information surrounding these topics. We then combined this with relevant imagery to create an engaging display. Several design style-setters were created to present to the school to choose from. Each design incorporated core events and key people from the national curriculum. In addition, we took advantage of the ample wall space to include more detailed facts wherever possible within this design. By including these details we maximised the learning opportunities from the graphics. As a result, the wall display would be as educational and informative as possible.

The Result

The chosen design revolves around a striking curved timeline which features relevant historical years. Corresponding information stems from the central timeline device providing further detail and imagery. Another design feature is the striking chronological banner with time periods at the top. This colourful banner corresponds with the colours of the timeline events. Furthermore, this colour coordination gives children a better idea of placing individual occasions within specific time periods.

Overall, the new bespoke wall vinyls are incredibly impactful. The school hall has transformed into an engaging learning environment packed with curriculum-based information for all to enjoy.

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A visual showing a completed custom history timeline for the Heys primary school in Ashton-under-Lyne