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School Brand Identity

New Islington Free School

Hive have created a new school brand identity for New Islington Free School in Manchester.

Previously, Hive worked with the school to create stunning wall graphics for their entrance and school staircase. As a result, they contacted Hive to create a new brand identity for the school.

Their previous school logo was dark and dull. So inspired by the new vibrant wall graphics they wanted Hive to create something completely different. The brand needed to change so that it would reflect the school’s bright and engaging atmosphere.

The design team created numerous modern and vibrant design options to reflect the ethos of the school. The school loved all the designs and it was a difficult decision to select which route to take forwards. Subsequently, New Islington selected a concept that featured colourful leaf elements. This route tied in closely with the wall graphics Hive had already designed for the school.

Having a strong, well designed brand is an important part of any schools marketing. However, it can get overlooked especially if an outdated and visually unappealing logo has been in use for numerous years. The new brand identity for New Islington Free School has transformed the school’s image. The identity is now used across their website and other marketing to present a consistent identity. Which most importantly, they can be proud of. The look will be completed with a new school uniform which will be phased in over the coming year.

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